Frog Hollow Montessori House

About Our School

Frog Hollow Montessori House

529 Queens Avenue (Liverpool Street Entrance)

New Westminster BC, V3L 1K2

Ph (604) 521-1355 (office)

e-mail : - preferred method of contact, since we are working with the children during the day, and can not always come to the phone when you call.



The school was started in the Fall of 1999. We are a “not for profit” preschool, and we rely on the support of our parent group. Occasionally, we post a “wish-list” on our bulletin board - any donations are greatly appreciated, and will be of benefit to the children in our school.



Morning Preschool Session                                          09:00am - 11:30am

Expanded Morning Preschool Session                         08:30am – 12:30pm

Afternoon Preschool Session                                       12:30pm - 3:00pm

Expanded Afternoon Preschool Session                      11:30am – 3:30pm

All Day Program (set your own hours)                           7.30am - 6:00pm

Out-Of-School-Care                                                       7.30am - 6:00pm 



Please contact the school for current fee schedule



One month’s written notice must be given if withdrawing your child from the school – the parent is responsible for paying the school the fees for the notice month, whether the child is present or not.



- your child must be at least 30 months of age.

- your child must be able to go to the bathroom by him/herself. We realize that some children still need reminding of “when to go”, and may need some assistance with buttons etc. The school can unfortunately not accept children still wearing diapers.



We offer a complete Montessori curriculum to our children. All the Montessori teachers are fully qualified and experienced. We also offer many extra components to our program. 

The parent handbook will give you more information about the different areas of the Montessori classroom. We welcome any questions about the different areas and developmental stages.



Because so many young children have food sensitivities and allergies, we have decided not to share any foods during class time. The children need to bring a small daily snack from home. This does not have to be anything very big or difficult to prepare - a fruit or some crackers and cheese etc. is plenty. Snack-time is more of a social get-together time than an actual meal. The children can at any time during the morning take out their food, and sit down at the special snack table, where there is space enough for two.

They will take special care to set out their snack on plates, with napkins etc. and will be able to enjoy their time at the table alone, or with a special friend. Fresh filtered water will be provided, so there is no need to bring any juice or other drinks. Please avoid candy or other sugary “treats” in the snack-bag.



Our programs include lunchtime if you wish. If your ½ day preschool child is staying to eat with us, please pack a nutritious lunch for your child.  Please give a $5 donation to the staff. This money will be used for fun things for the children to enjoy throughout the year. 


It may be necessary to have a phase-in period for the brand new children during the first week of school. Any such schedule will be determined between the parent and the teacher.



We encourage the good-byes to happen at the door. The teacher will come and greet the child when he is ready to come in. Our school is encouraging children to be independent and manage the coat room routine on their own as much as possible. Classes start promptly at 9:00am and 12:30pm. Children who arrive late may be missing out on important social interaction time. If you have to arrive late, please drop off your child as quietly as possible at the door, since the other children will have already started their work cycle.



Please let us know if you are interested in carpooling to and from school. You have to make your own carpool arrangements, but make sure to let the teacher know who is going home with whom.



Please wait outside the classroom door for your child to be dismissed. Let the teacher know if you need to pick your child up early, so that the child will be ready when you arrive. The teacher needs to know  if the child will be picked up by anyone beside the parents. The teacher will ABSOLUTELY NOT release the child to any unauthorized persons. A quick phone call, or a note at drop-off time is enough.



Please let the school know if you are not bringing your child to school - leave a message on the answering machine if the teacher is unable to answer the phone. Please keep your child at home if he/she is too ill to enjoy a positive experience. We do enjoy outdoor activities as well (weather permitting) so please do not send your child to school if you don’t want him/her to go outside because of illness. Advise the school of any communicable disease.



We will dispense prescription medication if the child is well enough to attend school, but only if the proper medication forms have been signed by the parent. We are not authorized to give out any “over-the-counter” drugs, or any homeopathic medicines.



Occasionally we see toys and other articles from home arrive in our classroom. Please encourage the children to leave these items at home or in the car. Also, make sure that your child does not have any  gum or other candy in the mouth when arriving for class time.

Things pertaining to class subjects, trip souvenirs, objects relating to nature (shells, leaves etc.) are most welcome to be shared with the class.



We will be going on field trips a few times per year. Sign-up sheets will be provided about a week before each trip. We usually need volunteer drivers to take us to and from locations, and these parents are most welcome to share in our outings. There may be a small additional fee to be paid by the family to cover entrance fees for the child, driver and additional siblings who want to come along, but we always try to keep the cost as low as possible for all.



We will celebrate each child’s birthday in the classroom with a special song and a shared snack. If your child has a birthday, please send along a small snack to share with the class. You may also wish to bring a picture of your child from each year, so that we can experience the time passing.

The birthday child will be the host of the birthday celebration, and will be in charge of snack etc.

Snack hint - Cupcakes are preferred over cake, since the children can be more independent serving, and eating the food without too much adult help.



There will be scheduled observations for the parents in the late fall, and again in the spring, followed by a report card.  Parents are of course welcome to schedule a meeting at any time during the year, if there are any questions or concerns regarding their child.



We will provide a small monthly newsletter to all our parents. This newsletter will give you all the necessary information and updates to our program, and any other news, birthday announcements, thank you’s etc. Please make sure you read it carefully every month, so that you will not miss out on any important dates, field trip info, changes to the calendar etc.

If you have not received your newsletter by the end of the first week of the new month - please check with the teachers. It may have gone astray in a carpool etc. We always have extra copies on hand.



We like to help future Montessori teachers with practicum placements during the year. This is a way for us to support the Montessori community, and to provide students with teaching practice and observation opportunities. The student teachers have all had the required criminal records checks and health checks.

The student teachers are NOT qualified to answer questions regarding your child and their development, or answer questions about the Montessori curriculum. This is something that they are learning as well.

Please continue to address questions and concerns to the Head Teacher. We can be reached by phoning the school at any time. If we are busy with the children, please leave a message, and we’ll phone you right back. We are always interested in hearing from you, since there is usually little time to talk at drop-off or pick-up time at the door.


Please dress your child in practical and comfortable clothing, so that he/she may enjoy the school activities without having to worry about getting the clothes dirty. Please send along a complete change of clothing (labelled please) to be kept at school for emergencies. Also remember to bring a pair of comfortable slippers or light shoes that the child may wear indoors.


It is important to us that all of our teachers have full qualifications and have experience working with young children.


The Administrator Helene Kell:

- A.M.I. Montessori Diploma, graduated 1986.

- current Early Childhood Education Supervisors Certificate.

- current First Aid Certificate.

- Child Abuse Prevention Certificate from the Justice Institute.

- E.C.E. Special Needs training.

- always participating in any available Montessori refresher courses, and always interested in 

  continuing professional development.

- Montessori Music Diploma

- etc.



* a small drinking cup

* a complete change of clothing

* indoor shoes, or slippers

* a happy smile



Welcome to Frog Hollow Montessori House  - We are looking forward to a productive and exciting school year.